Snowflakes hadn’t kissed me yet

Ha! Frost already turned to my way and got set

Numbed eyes searched for my own

Flooded in dreams, to get assuasive feel,

Of those world ridden wounds and screams

The one those fallen prey to droplets

Cutting off from icicles, dipped in blazes red.

Spoke the brutality of its words smashed to dust

Echoing the tranquility of the deserted land crowned with rust

They stood enough on springs to cast the film for fame

Alas! Forgotten have they, screening are they one’s own shame

Buck’s out of this gloomed place could turn their pockets warm

Doomed in their bungalow of thoughts lingering for charm

How could they satisfy soul witnessing this burning farm?

Astonished by this, I turned to way other

Kissing the bladed chest of the mother

Was an angel of her through frame another

Rested she had for years at grave unmarked

Screaming, “O’ child mine yell off, it’s you their embarked”

Melancholy in the wind turned me too dumb

To answer for any query,

I was too numb

Lingering was humanity by its own wistful arrows

They shot blindly on fleshed walls,

Germinating deep sorrows.

Yearning for years,

To wipe off tears from eyes left to weep

By insane people painting red, and

Leaving them in sleep deep

Couldn’t resist enough,

Ran off from the place

Gloomful climate traced my path,

Asking me for my unknown race

Bleeding eyes sunken deep in fear,

Worries and cries

Ransacked by its own

Being listening to chair holder’s excuses and lies

Chronically addicted to this showcase

Of the treasuries who rhyme every time

Ha-ha! Tale it has become now,

To lay one and condemn by the ton

Hardly anyone does feel bruises,

Except the family that has faced shot of a gun.

Morns do wake up my land,

Even where the sun tries enough to shun

Faith breathes and dusk clenches,

Quilt of hope to be ready for another run.


7:02 PM



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