Shattered Dreams Of Angel

A child of 21 century you can call

I am the youngest among you all

I am a baby falling under age group two

Will tell you how I made early to this stage too           

I was just of months nine

Lines deepen in worry were set on face of mother mine

Darling why you seem to be worried? Dad to her lady divine

Have to stand here in at home

Within days few, in office have to resume

These words as I heard,

My heart jiggled and I knew

Something they will now plan new

And my eyes witnessed first dew

Those which need mother still to guide

To judge what’s wrong or what’s right

Have to now choose things of their own to fight.

Then voice of my dad I heard

“To let our baby to learn habit’s good

 Kindergarten, yes!  That’s a place to boom

Out the real talent and let her to groom

To a child, bright future will belong to whom”

Shunned and squeezed to mother’s womb

I was afraid and was praying morning not to come soon

In cradle was lost in thoughts and night went off glazing moon

Morning crept in, sun was greeting and I was sweating

Flowers tossing, birds chirping

All this left me as dumb ass and nothing good happening

With the merciful eyes I starring my dice

Was offering Goodbye to my childhood slice

Which was already set to die

I was dressed too nice for interview of mine

As if was set to qualify for job too divine

For which many blossoms like me were in line

As I was roll called in

I went too cold and my voice went dim

They got my mom n’ dad in confidence

They gonna take care good of their dear in every sense

I had realized by then, my childhood is now dead

Crying and screaming throughout the way to home

Not knowing how to stand tomorrow among people unknown

They tried to please me with candies and chocolates

I kept on asking, “what’s the fun these things?”

Since it’s now too late.

Tomorrow I was woken at eight

But my smile and childhood innocence was at stake

The buzzing harsh sound of van I heard

I knew it was for me and my eyes drenched in tears

I was harshly by hearts strong made to school at time wrong

I saw many like me and some where even too small

Hands for holding toys soft

Were left with something wooden too long

Got strain in back and pain in my fingers

But now I had made myself ready not to linger

My head was rolling and churning

In memorizing poems too long

For me they were just like singing my own childhood death song

So buddies now you got how I made to this place at time wrong

Since too small to stand among you all

But I am here with thought too strong  

“Please don’t take away childhood dreams

Of angels of my age and leave them to scream”

Hope you all understood what I want to speak

And will spread this message with every whiff of air

That’s all what I from you all seek …..!!


(7:29 PM)



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