The brush was busy painting the life through the harsh cold night, Stars peeping through the window and the moon on a smile and there in a shadow passed by the site. In a strangled voice uttered to a life, who’s this so nice? In warm tune came reply, “Accept greetings from me and please let me in, it’s all your choice”. Thinking about this the soul didn’t allow to regret but let the door open and welcomed warm affectionate voice to become a part of a family bond with love too kind and nice. The night grew in interviewing thoughts and exchanging views on different issues. The frost was set and suddenly grimed voice mumbled, as a soil running through finger so has time passed; don’t you think we should be at sleep? And the clock had already struck 12, the new day has turned. Thoughts got paused things came to rest as the sleep had sunken them in its lap.

The night had a tan and sun started to grow, as pearls were the dew set of leaves and the cold morning breeze soothed the cozy soul. Everything grew normally, things going smoothly and once again the voice echoed asking for anyone there? And how’s you? , now in confident tone the previous night’s strangled voice replied, “Yup I am here and fine too”. The conversation like this progressed and the day came when the voice confessed its growing affection for the strange unknown tune. Before the things could have turned to relation the she replied in the utter chaos No, no, Never, have kept this decision for my parents. In a broken voice, but respectful words, “I respect your decision and honor it; I don’t expect that you should love me, it’s ok”. But the voice was already dead, as realized by her. I am broken, crying in my own corner and bleeding through the mouth was the worst one that she could hear. On hearing this situation she in no time collected the words and said, “Can’t be just good friends?” That’s all I can give you.


~To be continued.

by A.N

Real story that I heard and still listening, hook on for other parts.


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