Can’t we be just good friends? That’s all I can give you. Sobbing in corner of here, she asked to her sedated broken voice, really ! Can anyone be your friend ever? As the fruits of being drained to coast of friendship had been tasted by her much before the flowers could have blossomed. Where she was still wandering in her thoughts and picking words, there in the sound echoed through darks of her room, yeah! Its pleasure to have friends like you in life. The voice had travelled through the peaks of snow laden mountains, shivering with cold and finally rested deep in her ears. She thought maybe it was a day for which she was waiting since time long and before she could reply, rewinding she went the lines, wiping her tears off. Lest she had words to reply except a word “Thank you”. Affectionate voice couldn’t resist calling her an angel. Angel! It’s a moment great for me, flowers turned today to bloom my way, brightened the winter snow of my pathway with their color and fragrance, which spread deep through the chambers of my heart and graved in the valves. Birds spread the message through the sky, sun in no time blazed the clouds to melt and showered blessing through snow and rains. The questions got queued even before the party for the friendship was set. I want few qualities in ma’ soul mate? Can you stand up to them, asked the affectionate voice in the hope to hear yes. Well! If you want them in your soul mate then, No! But if you find them in your friend then I will try to be up to them, replied her in an utter nervousness. Questions were same as in old golden days dipped in color gray and to them she nodded the head up from the sky down to earth. Now it’s my turn, I also want some promises, she again in grimed voice asked this. Yeah! Sure why not, come up with yours too. One, just trust me and second, think positive, that’s all I seek from you. A girl came up with two key words that hold the relation as she had already scanned the temperament of the voice. Again the night grew white lace, indicating the age of it through its own way. The silence between the mountains was spread, poisoned was the area around except the two friendship hearts living away distance apart on the ground. The night went sweet with the Goodnight full of blessings.

The day next, birthday of the girl, where all were trying to be on time to wish her but her friend had already decided some unanimous gift. Wrapped in the blood of bloods, something which never would have been given to any, unique in its own, as a terror to scream through days and nights coming all the way through her life.. Everyone made 12 of this night special, Blessing showered as if descending from heavenly hearts, even voice didn’t linger to stay back. In a joyful and sheer satisfaction she slept the best of her life and thought of the morning to be even finer and polished by cream all through the day’s belt.

Ah! She never had thought what the day will bring, her heart drowned in the cold miserable pain, when her friend called her “Cheap and pretender (dramaybazz), will remove you from my life just now” because all he had in mind that she ignored her last night. Before this she tried the console the heart, making it realize her friendship but as the words poured she felt like being burned to ashes alive. Rested on her coast she broke down as the crusher to stone. Hands shivering, tears rumbling down the cheeks, Shame on me to call a person like you my friend, Who are you to remove me I will remove you, burning in anger of what she never deserved. Go ahead do what you want and I will do the best to hurt my better self, he replied. Of a surety that these are words faking much than doing, she opt to quit. Before she could have slept away in headache the pictures of hand in blood reached for her as a nightmare. She screamed for pardon, what she had never done but who would hear her? The one who was throwing fire balls off his mouth? Huh! Finally somehow after repeated ply he rested in the calmness which she drove to his life. The day went through such noisy and dreadful voice but finally she succeeded to let him surrender his anger and tried whip off the memories of thunder which showered passing through agonies of his words. The fire of the day was brought down. Conversation was banked with the repetition the words, Promise you will think positive and show coffin for what will prove its antagonist in an emphatic tone. The curtains to night were spread with the note of good night and sharing chips of blessings as used to with the hope to meet in moods good again.





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