In the clouds traveled a day

Where sun couldn’t turn lucky to spread hopeful ray

Day was blessed of melodious tunes around

Somewhere jokes and somewhere warm affectionate sounds

No eye could have thought of the nightmare

That day had already planned out of its clam care

No ear would have ever been to decibel so hard

The one that was embossed in the silenced heart

The sand of graves took to the houses around

Leaving them bare-headed smashed to ground

To the hazy sky as I looked on

A terror of time upcoming, that’s all it roar off

Tried I just to peep out of ma’ window pane

Dust slapped me and I lost way to ma’ own lane

Struggling is the life on trees narrating gloomy tale

Their crops are empty since the time storm stroked this vale

Everything just seems to be whirled around the word wrong

This scourge would if remembered life long

Fighting to the storm,

Striking hammer, through these blows too grievous

Building the walls strong of swivet and fearfulness

Mother’s clutching their children around the womb’s warm

Boosting their morale to fight against uninvited storm.

 Trying to fix their broken dreams with thy affectionate voice

Giving them strength to stand even if death would be sharing dice

Plead for forgiveness is the only sound 

That could fortune us out off this calamity

That has gripped to our necks around.

O’ Allah the mighty we plead for pardon

We are the creatures your own created garden

Shower Your mercy

 And return the Kashmir to its own clemency




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