Time and again I was loaded with stones         

It left me wounded, was it made to break my bones

My back pained and they pushed me to work

I crumbled down, no one there to hold me on ground

It isn’t curse to breathe in family poor

But blessing it is I never said, but always feared

When I just hold on at your desk

Ask you for a penny O’ my Lord’s fellow best

You speak too high, I never understand why?

I never get the sense of words out of you

But familiar to them I am now and then

I guess you shun me away

But I follow again all the way

I do hold self-respect as yah

But Ah! My stomach makes me prey

Of the harsh words that you always loudly say

Come again of the showers of mercy

I do sit at bank of my darks and always pray

Stone that makes my back pain hard

Becomes my pillow through nights harsh

I just hug some more to seek the comfort

To dream big which I never could in real think

This night pushed me into palace too big

Everything was arranged

Kings and the Queens all had put at one place

Just waiting for the special icon to hold party grace

I had never thought even to be one among them

But as I stepped in, the heads bowed

Ha! The sound was heard all around

I couldn’t understand what this was all about

Trying to get away, greeted I was by them all the way

Prince has arrived; whispering and waving were they             

I held the moment on, As if my wish was turning true

Never to let it go, Birth it took of human nature cruel      

To enjoy the Royal dinner with my friend’s true

I looked around all those who use to kick me off

Were present to enjoy a slice once at any cost

All they wanted was to share a same dice

I wanted to be along the my own people

But alas! None I saw of my race

I cursed the moment and ran away

Pushed the table and turned to my way

Stop! Stop! Prince, if you miss this delight

Stomach’s many would be left empty this night

To the voices I turned,

No other than the same people around

Who never gave me a food to enjoy a meal

Instead used to sound so ill

I smiled big and walked through

Would you eat with my hands? Hey You

They shook their heads! Sure, but is it really true?

I went and changed my wardrobe

Now again I stepped in

As if was caught doing any sin

I was greeted with stones and words

Pricking hard that of blunt pin

One hit my head and I woke up same

The boss had left me blood bathed

Yelling he was time is too late.

Everything came to stake,

As if no air was left spare

Holding my breath I left my space

Time and again I was loaded with stones

Holding which I have to win this race.


“This poem is all about a poor children who dream big, just like anyone among us would. Do help the needy the best way you can.”



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