Open Letter to All Dear Parents

“Eloquence, a silence. Tool it doesn’t needs, heart pure can read ~A.N”

Silence is treasure in itself, questions holding many, with answers hidden in clutches of heart. Dears ones do hear and world makes quotes out of it. How many of you would have heard the silence hidden behind the deep searching eyes of your child? I am breaking the frost of my silence to let the parents know voice hidden in deep clutches of the young heart. Before you turn to page another or sip a tea let me ask you a question, is your child  around? Yes/No? How many of you looked around and for how many answer is No? Toll is all yours, think on. By then let me share something.

 Wondering what this cycle about? No doubt you all may have such cycle’s in-play at home but much often, off from your eyes or you just never had a thought about it. An hour or so interaction with the parents is that enough? Ask yourself. Don’t think I am complaining, I am just trying to dissolve you in my thoughts or let my thoughts get dissolved in you. Today as I look out through my dark room’s window, many parents and children I do see, that’s really a common thing, ha-ha! But what my eyes don’t feel it to be common, as they are always in search of a father wrapping his arms around the shoulder of his child, a mother stepping with her daughter but not leading a step to her. Some I meet complaining about the child, “My son/daughter doesn’t spend much time with me”, words of mother or a hopeful father. Hold on your cup before its vapors will blur your vision, how many of you feel the same unsolved equation at your place? Today every home is witness of this kind of habit; their child prefers his/her room instead of a gathering in the sitting room. They find it quite comfortable in their rooms even if darks of dark have whirled it. O’ dear parents have you ever thought why? Children of mere age 10-14 have started reading novels, I don’t say reading novel is wrong but is it a right age? When they should have been reading comics, playing as you would have at your age. Why are we letting off their innocence prey of the elderly thoughts? Think on, my words may sound harsh but this is the reality, which is always hard to ears and smoky to eyes and more often leads to pour down the precious pearls through sorrow ridden eyes at certain point of time when they start missing their childhood.

Sometimes I just tremble, thinking that why am I just alone, and you know what, my loneliness fears even more, that it should not turn human. Humans have already lost up the sense of sitting together, sharing the views, time, ideas and what not at least it gives company when no one sounds around. The habitual cycle mentioned above has become quite common and is reason why today our society is leading to bane rather than boom. Parents fulfill every damn wish of their child but in fulfilling wishes they forget that beside everything the most important is the time. Yes, you read me right time, which hardly now a day’s parents spend with their children. Time, the most important and the precious gift that child desires, but unfortunately many today don’t earn it as their parents are just too busy in their work and after office prefer they are so tired to even share a word. This lack of interactions leads the child from a sitting room to his/her own room, from there to a private room and then to chat room where from he/she leads to relation and finally rests in total dark menace. Ultimately a day rests in the lap of parents when they get time and start questioning their wards, start complaining, doubts arise, fears take birth, room seems closer than any apartment in the world and trust leads to grave.

“Cold eyes may wonder of Isolation
Terrified is Isolation of its own resonance.”~A.N

Dear Parents, how good it would be if you take a time off from your daily schedule and spent a quiet good hours with your child. Keeping their wallets warm, giving them a pen to write, books to read, a classy cell phones to be in contact, and much more isn’t any big deal it’s your duty and their right. By providing luxuries you can’t skip your responsibilities. You need to sit with your child; Parents have to turn friends sometime, sometime a teacher, sometime guide and sometime a judge whose judgment should be justified. Believe me, never time will come when your child will hide anything from you and never your trust will be on stake.

Respect and fear are two different words; they make up a different sense. Many parents thing their child respects them by not sitting around them, not watching a television, not getting in family talks but they never understand that, this isn’t respect but a fear to come up to desk and share and I myself have seen what such restrictions lead to, even you must be the witness.  This fear leads to never-ending distances which grew as a termite to a tree. The tree will continue to grow even with cancerous disease but inside only a resonating loneliness do breed.

Break the walls which you have built up, share a same table, hold your child’s hand, club to him/her, let the dawn of love and affection sedate its heart, seek the place for beautiful thoughts and share the never-ending talks. This will pull down the restrictions and the barriers between you and your child. Lest you will conquer his/her heart definitely. Never in life a child will be in need of other shoulder to feel the love and curdle, apart from parents. In turn never in life you will complain about your child. Rest choice is yours I can only speak off my heart and request you to never leave your child to chant words thee.

“Do I deserve a shoulder to cry?
Where I could rest and peacefully die.
God isn’t there anyone who could hear my heart’s plead?
Why screams out of ma’ chest sink before could be treat? ~A.N

I had got it published but there was some mistake so here I share it myself again

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This Post was finally published by the “Rising Kashmir” 3 April Issue

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