Desert To Garden

Life smelled the fragrance too sweet

Melodious was the song

Of whose tunes just accompanied for long

Words were unheard

Till in souls they got impressionate

Smiles took on the dry lips

And there they were left to resonate.


Rain showered blessing on the dry land,

Green body made home in thy sand.

The blossom peeped through the bud,

Life was tossing as in bright red classy rum.

In Hallucination dipped the atmosphere,

That was the beauty babe as seen through sphere.

Face of womb glowed on witnessing this charm,

Affectionate voices echoed in one yarn.


The Moon and stars put early to sky this night,

Hassle was there to meet the sire in crimson light.

Through windows and the door trying were they to peep,

All they were waiting for the date and a word to speak,

With the long awaited dreamful bird,

Swinging who was in the eyes of thy dearest mom,

Laughing and rolling with the mystic sound of toys in cot.



5 thoughts on “Desert To Garden

  1. really awesome….
    never have seen such a blend of words with emotions….
    on learning each n every word’s meaning it seemed as if it came alive before my eyes…(:

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