Pride and Decorum of the gardener,
Adding beauty and an exquisite to the garden.

Fragrance of it, the sign of purity,
Ascent it’s of the dignity.

Brightening in the jewels is the old carpet,
And the dew on the petals held as the character.

The scent of earth purify thy soul,
To which thy roots belong in whole.

Tries enough to skip the worldly pleasure,
Just to live life in its own way to treasure.

The clouds of terror traced the path all day long,
Crying in pain tries to run away singing a soothing song.


To the world the heart just ask to live apart
Let it grow the way it wants.

In the shadow following through the nights dark,
The eyes of its plea to let it in its own way light the spark.

Nothing more the soul of the flower asks,
Let it free and fly as long as its flight will last.



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