The moon was watching.


Where the dew was struggling for its place on the ground, two were heading to see the reflection in the dark sky welded in clouds set to burn in the light of the moon. West was blazed in the twinkle of the brightest star and to distances far voices were being witness of the scene, bathing in seasons cold, souls felt the warmth of love. Silence whispered, “Dear, far you are being enough, do you believe of this dreamful moment to be true enough?”. Eyes went close, icicle dropped its first, lips frozen in words smiled bright, vision is for people who dream of life only in light, and being blind we feel the presence of it in darks which to you will feel the deep fantasy. Silence won by its name and steps four it took back, smiling, Aah! I lost mine in this love cast sky. Rightly it has been said, “True love can enlighten to wise”, turned back to the voice, smuggled was it with divine love. Before the moon could creep through the window to look for smuggled voice, smoke engulfed the pane and love condensed in fashion too unique framing eternal for ages. The clouds came closer to moon to eat its life away but went dissolved in its purity and enhanced resplendently to the incomparable ravishing essence of beauty. Last note, yeah we both seeing same moon, the same sky, same star and clouds bright, added to the unique ambiance of our settled conversation too nice.



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