Dearest Rose Of My Life: My Sister

Who were we just years before?

Of course out of clue we go both.

You are an angel in the human’s face,

You travelled  to my heart at light’s pace.

I never thought I could meet a soul like you,

As pious as the lush green carpet purified by dew.

The twinkle in my eyes and smiles dazzling on my lips,

It’s only you who can dare to bring the two, by just your one glimpse.

A treasure whose value no other than my heart knows,

A pleasure to my unknown world and a friend of this inconsolable soul.

Today as the jewels will take over on your skin my girl,

I wonder how would they sparkle over the pearl.

Their glare will drown in the shyness,

Insha’Allah your life will dazzle hereafter  in true happiness.

The step to the new life you have taken now,

Handle it with auspicious care and love.

Hold these threads of silk with true ardor,

May Allah bless you both and fill trust in your relation.

But in the garden new don’t forget the old dear ones,

Blessings  of your family and company of your chums.

Darling of their hearts and the only rose with fragrance,

Of their live’s, you are the true essence.

O’ Dearest rose of my life, My sister.

Do keep a little space in your heart for me.

O’ the precious jewel of my life, My sister.

Don’t ever forget me.





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