“Whose Heart’s are Protesting?”

“Whose heart’s are protesting against the USA?” Was  something that flashed on my timeline as I logged into the largest social networking site. Before I could have opened it another news flashed ahead of it “ Parents abandon infant girl with cleft lip”. In between the two I first chose to read the story of a minor girl, as I went through my heart started aching as never before and a salty water washed my cheek. I couldn’t resist and in jiffy called the parents “Shameless”. Quite embarrassed about this incident I stopped my mouse on the earlier one, clicked and hundreds of comments I saw. All accusing the US and their citizens, some haven’t even taken account of their religion and had already taken the hostage of the abusive words. On seeing this, sweat of the head didn’t make out but instead sent shivers to the spine. I couldn’t elucidate who I should say is right, A Muslim Ummah who are using the abusive language or the person who has no religion and attempted to abuse “Islam”. Well! The story doesn’t end up here, my TL flashed an update from one of the US citizen, quite curiously I opened the link and it went like this:

“To a friend in Srinagar, Kashmir,

I wanted to pass on my shared frustration to you, and all my friends in Kashmir… I had not heard of this anti-Islam film until I saw your post and read an article about the film and the protests in Srinagar.

The United States is an incredibly diverse place, and one of the most amazing things about it, is our First Amendment right to free speech… But, it is an absolute shame when this right is used to propagate hate and ignorance.

My friend, please know that this film does not represent the majority of people from the U.S. Please, pass on many Salaams from myself and my community, to you and yours.

Salaam Aleikum brother,

Alex Pullen”

The frustration of mind was by now quite uncontrollable, my disturbed soul went thirsty in search of the right. All my mind could plot out was :

             “No matter how many pearls have left the thread,

             Yet there is one who holds itself in the thread.

              No matter how many souls have sniffed death

           Yet there is one who holds the community to one.” ~A. N

So! This was perturbing me, making me quite too anxious, my answer was within the four lines. Dear friends should we blame the whole community if one has done wrong?  We all know black sheep is not too far from any community, even our society breeds few, so is the true for them. First we need to understand, nothing in the world exists which can point a finger on the prophecy of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). His (PBUH) excellency is undefined and it can’t be God forbid smirched by any. We must realize demons soul with shrunken head can opt do such opprobrious act and the common man is left to bear the brunt.

Anger is such a disease which eats the soul and the wisdom to differentiate between right and the wrong becomes incongruous, moreover turns into a brute beast devoid of any sense. So please think before you are acting, by burning vehicles, destroying your own property and spitting the ill words isn’t any good neither you are doing in the way of Islam.

Hadith – Sahih Al-Bukhari 8.135, Narrated Abu Huraira, R.A.

Allah’s Apostle PBUH said, 

“The strong is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength,

 But the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger.”

Hadith – Sahih Al-Bukhari 8.137, Narrated Abu Huraira, R.A.

A man said to the Prophet (PBUH), “Advise me!” The Prophet (PBUH)  said, “Do not become angry and furious.” 

The man asked (the same) again and again, and the Prophet (PBUH) said in each case, “Do not become angry and furious.”

This is what Islam teaches us not what we practicing. Someone has said wrong, had made the movie against our Prophet (PBUH), that movie doesn’t reveal character or our beloved (PBUH) but represents the sense of irresponsibility of the person towards his own community. It represents how immature he is and how he became a threat to his own society. A person who can do no good to his own people , Please think how can we expect any good from him for us? Just think! Here I am reminded of one of the tweet I came across, the only one I liked as the world is on fire and it goes like this:

“ They insult our Prophet (PBUH) with the the things that they say but we (Muslim) insult our Prophet (PBUH) by not following his way” ~ Boonaa Mohammed

 If you really want to do anything try to create awareness rather than outsourcing the Muslim Ummah wrongly by threatening the western citizens or by causing destruction. Friends it’s a time to unite, mesmerize the world with the teaching of our Prophet (PBUH)  taught us. Let us take an oath:

“We will enlighten the darkest hearts,

We will pour the drops of humanity over dead souls,

We will light the fire of  peace and harmony,

We will aware the society about the truth of Islam,

We will, we will, we will…………~ A.N

Dear people I am no pious saint, but a common person as you, my heart bleeds in pain and agony as I see the wrong going in front of me. I have tales to share and stories to narrate where even we have been wrong but no one will accept the truth, no one will accept my words. I have no doubt that people will even call me insane. It’s a request please don’t make any lunatic decision in the fire of anger and hatred which has taken birth. The one who made the film has done wrong, he should be punished but in this fire don’t give wounds to innocent and germinate hatred in their hearts.

I read many Muslims who presently in America and are asking others for their protesting status, let me ask them, how they protested? Why aren’t they vacating the place? Why they still put up there? Have the citizens harassed them? How many Muslims are today earning their livelihood in America? No doubt they are earning for their hard work but they only able to do that hard work when they have let them do. How  many students are prevailing higher education from US itself? Think! Think with maturity.

I guess I have jolted enough and now it’s your turn to do the best. Practice the teaching of the Islam in daily life, spread the message scripted in the Holy Quran, narrate the message,  and then only we are going justice to our religion. That will be the real protest and this is the way of protest. This is how my heart is protesting and this is how your heart should protest.



~A. N


12 thoughts on ““Whose Heart’s are Protesting?”

  1. Awesome thinking and awesome post…………….No doubt There are black sheep in every community and whole community cannt be blamed for one persons as u said but the whole community can condemn such elements which are harming the peace.Despite of bringing to book the criminals behind the act, they are providing them s safe haven.

    • yup bayi u ryt but believe me Majority of Americans are condemning the same. even they are holding regret ,,, many even are unaware of the film ,,, as I have mention…………………

      Rest thank you very much 🙂 Allah Bless

  2. i suport ur words…!!
    They hav undrstood islam the way we hav reflectd it…!!
    I’m abashed, ovr wat i’m n wat i shud have been…!!
    Upshot is that, we hav to folow the ways of allah n our beloved prophet, the person who evn tought us the pitiest things like sleping in the light of islam, so that the non muslim, themslves percieve it, the greatest personality is prophet Muhammad (peace n blesings of allah be on Him)

  3. It’s said that you cannot judge the importance of things by the noise they make. Alike a roaring horde can’t be the righteous display of anguish and dismay. Rather truthfully speaking, I never witnessed even a slight heartache in individuals participating in such a gathering. The mob appears more like ‘partying’ over burnt cars and broken windscreens.

    You have rightly advised to build a character such that no satanic mind dares to commit such a offence. But, alas, the event referred in this article is already forgotten and we are still the same.
    “Jins-e-arzaan ki tarah deen-e-Khuda ki baatein”.

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