“SIDE EFFECTS: What’s there to laugh at?”

Autumn has just made in, with footprints too faint to be noticed even, impression of the season still in struggle to fit in but the golden line seems to have enveloped the hearts in cold. Somewhere the youthful days of the season are lost in the haze of smoke running uptown with no hope to return and somewhere it manages to embed itself in the fibers of the hearts drowned in its cold feel. Of the forlorn lanes where cold is what descends, darkness is what rests, withered is life and desolation is only truth what one can expect of that place more than that of a regretful tale. While I made your journey to the ulterior face of autumn which pours the droplets of agony hidden underneath the golden mask which appears too beautiful to the naked eye how could one ignore embossed truth of this beauty on the cold hearts. One way or another, the truth of the season known for decimating breathes from life can’t go neglected and the same stands true in the hearts imbibing its impression.

“Spread the golden carpet, I want to walk through.

Crush the dead to death, I want to walk through.

Smoke off the petals and leaves, I want to walk through.

Forget the withered nature, I want to walk through. ~A. N


The morning breeze gives immense pleasure above the distress of the season and the demurring appearance of the rays from the sun counting days of its kingdom, are pleasures not to be missed. So without letting these relishing moments escape I too thought to get my good self luxuriated with the gift of nature and was in rush to hold it. Morning walk through campus was now even more beautiful as the sun was no more the conflict but the eyes were in search of colors, which of course were mostly missed. Petals went missing, naked trees  feel like mourning for the loss of its colors, with this step became faster and the lecture hall seemed now dearer.

With the row reserved and old seat which I owe, notebook on desk, pen of choice, by then I was roll called, with three more after me and  thus attendance was over.  White board and marker was handed to the senior who was going to deliver lecture, topic was “Anti-Neoplastic Drugs”. Everything was going smoothly till the silence broke with a laughter. Amazed? What’s there to laugh when such a serious topic is being delivered well I too was and more than me it was by best buddy who felt bad. My mates  laughed as  the senior delivering lecture asked about the most common side effect of the anti neoplastic drugs. Which they answered with multiple side effects but one they were skipping and that was Alopecia. Just to give them clue the person speaking showed with action and answer was put forward with a sudden laughter. “What’s there to laugh ? ” My friend inquired. “Pata nai (Don’t know)” I answered. With the regretful heart knowing what my buddy must have felt like I clung to silence. Silence! The moment was demanding it. I realized the seasons effect has already made to the hearts cold and nevertheless it was something which one could expect of the deserted hearts. My mind didn’t stop rushing off from the topic and I was caught in the series of side effects caused by different medicines that are given to the patient.

Side effects of medicines are something that is undesirable but when the necessity of medicine turns more such that we neglect  the side effects of it, one must realize how important the medicine must be for the patient. There are many elderly patients who became prey of bed wetting and are finally kept on the adult diapers. Is there anything to laugh at ? Is it any good thing to be discussed about ? How one can forget we too have been through a stage where the diaper used to be tied even before the clothes were put on. Then why to laugh? Is this laughter because of the age difference or what ? Oh! Dear friends we are quite mature to think over these little facets of life. Who is aware of tomorrow? Who has been in tomorrow? No one really so isn’t it better we change the perspective of people and stop behaving kiddish. May be you don’t laugh at the situation of the patient itself but you laugh on scene around but is it really anything to be laughed at.

I have seen different patients during my hard time, I met many and some who I saw and can’t forget mentioning are those suffering from the muscle twitching, patients have weak locomotory functions and many such undesirable situations which are just the result of the therapies or some medication. They either not able to put clothes in the right way or something like that to which society takes unlimited time to accept. Lately, I saw one patient whose trouser was skidding down inspite of correcting that I noticed countable youth laughing at a distance. I couldn’t have let them continue but gender made a difference. While stepping forward I saw one of the boy putting jeans which wasn’t even at the waist rather was looking as if the heavy diaper pulling towards gravity which he wasn’t able to hold but how can I forget that is fashion, Isn’t it ?

My friends I am not here citing examples based on gender biasing. No! That is not my motive. It’s just I encountered such situation and tried to put it in front of you. There must be many girls whom you would have come across being wrong in situations like this, I can’t really contradict. No one is perfect. My actual aim is to convey the message that we should be sympathetic rather than laughing, gossiping on such heart aching situations. Don’t let the seasons effects to ponder over you, just enjoy the changes of its color and find contentment within it. Take my words, you really will rejoice that as autumn isn’t that bad.

“Descending colors from the blue,

The stagnant margin of golden line through.

Adding aesthetic appeal to the beauty,

Intriguing the world drowned in cold room. ~A. N


8 thoughts on ““SIDE EFFECTS: What’s there to laugh at?”

  1. i swear…
    It made me think of milions of situations of this sort…
    As if it ws reeling lyk a movie b4 me…
    Wel thout given to ur pen…

  2. Enjoyed the analogical portraiture of autumn and old age. You speak of kindness, veiled in wisdom.

    post scriptum: my thoughts about autumn have never been melancholic but of romanticism and unmatched beauty.

    • “Don’t let the seasons effects to ponder over you, just enjoy the changes of its color and find contentment within it. Take my words, you really will rejoice that as autumn isn’t that bad.” Autumn ain’t bad but I had to bring the message through,,,!! Season helped me 🙂

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