“Oh! You Lost It Again”

Cold sublimed frigid lips,

Duped words, and

The margin of sun rays,

Melting icicles of the love,

The ones frozen since ages.

Truth ciphered in the song of the mansion dove,

Choked voice,

 Sculptured in today’s decorum.

Innocence was asked price,

Black sheep, a buyer in the saints looks.

Ran through alleys and fields,

Ah! Couldn’t peg down,

Fate of the day.

The salts in the soul went low,

Limbs ached bad,

Lost was energy to the sweat in a race,

Alas! The life was chased.

In the margins of green, grasped was the silk,

The moral rectitude fell prey,

To the evil of the day.

With crestfallen looks,

Realizing the harsh wrecked truth,

Enough spirit of hope to survive,

Still was breathing in.

The strong urge to punish,

Was graved,

When felon had liberty,

To pay for the felonious act,

There in once again the justice died,

And a blind lady of law in it did abide.




13 thoughts on ““Oh! You Lost It Again”

  1. senti write-up…!! but nevertheless well witten..!! sabaash.,,,,yotaan aes panen moral values anaw ne,totaan gache yee yate,,!

  2. Hypnotic; I am absolutely awestruck by this beautiful ode.
    Pleased to see someone or better I ought to say the very first one from the farther lateral of forbidden line (of control) and that too such an adroit tactician of words.

    • Much thanks for this highly appreciable comment. Rather I should say something which is much more than I deserve..!! I hope you would have scroll down to read some more..!!

      Much thanks..!! Allah bless you 🙂

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