The Silence Of The Mother

O’ Lady you have the patience great,

Youthful days you lost to people with no faith,

The life of you was all lost to someones drink,

Who knew nothing but abuses and kicks.

In the darks and through horrible times,

Your children always wondered for a moment of bliss.

With the unmatched partner you dared to settle down,

Just for to keep the word of your seniors in the town.

Blossoms of his where match to your cells,

You welcomed these ringing hopeful bells.

Life of yours seemed little more than serene,

Blessed you were with respect and honor,

And this was the marrow of the scene.

But who knows faith of the garden,

Whose life the autumn takes.

In a moment it turns to the smoke,

The warmth of which is the winter’s hope.


Again the time turned her insane,

In the torn veil and ragged gown,

She was asked to leave her own town,

This time buds were of the matched age.

Who didn’t care enough but dared,

To weigh her love against the bucks.

The years spent together under one shade,

Were lost in the broken branches,

Brought down with the poison of an odium.

Building in the silence of nerves and eerie of thoughts.            

In the corner alone she settled down,

Dark’s of the night were sinking her ,

The sky was accompanying and she was crying.

Pain, the crank’s voice and,

The Somberness ate away the days bright.

In this world full of the souls too insane.

Neither pleasure Nor gain,

She only hopes for the home and

The loaf of bread in the peace,

Where she could thank the Almighty,

For blessing the life full of the grace.



P.S : On the world poetry day I dedicate this post to the women of the world who at one or another moment have faced the wrong.


4 thoughts on “The Silence Of The Mother

  1. indeed very well written, a combo of emotions experienced while reading,kudos 🙂 i wud like to share this one !! Allah bless

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