“O’ My Beloved Grandma”

The colour of my walls is yet to fade,

Your sweat is still condensing by,

It makes me feel your presence this night.

The glare in your eyes,

The promise to support every time,

At their youthful age all that died.

And alone in this crazy world,

You left me to think of life.

Though I do live, I do smile,

Many a times I do forget,

You aren’t anymore among the alive.

Just to let you believe,

I am the brave girl whom you knew,

With you, who used to sleep.

Today I leaned back on my couch,

Your last words and the blessing of no count,

Where blooming in my mind,

Like the lonely moon in the dark sky.

To which I still try to gaze for the time long,

People say to stars now you belong

And I try enough to believe this myth.

Though I do remember your words,

Good people take steps to the paradise,

But you forgot to tell me,

How I can find,

The one lost for the entire life.

Remember? The garden butterflies,

Red, Purple, Yellow and others with stripes

I still try to get near and hold them,

They do still flutter their wings,

And take the flight too high,

But now no one screams for the safety of your child.

Unlike you and that old time.

For an epoch I hold a complaint,

Dreams! There even you don’t glide now,

I pray every night,

For one glimpse of your sight,

“To the disappointment”, I meet at dawn,

But then I still hold a hope,

Of meeting you at the shore of an another night,

Where you will rise from the pious waves,

And the richness of your love,

Will envelope me,

And hold me forever in your beautiful,

Wrinkled eyes.

Mothers hand


P.S :  I am never able to write my heart out when it is all about my “Boba ji” 


8 thoughts on ““O’ My Beloved Grandma”

  1. You are the best one, I love your lines, your words, your thoughts.. .keep it up @Amreen. And enjoy the life.

  2. A master-piece of emotions ……….. What wonderful lines. How well you understand the love between a grandma and her grandchildren … i missed my grandma after reading ur poem

    i guess all of us long for those caring loving hands of our grandparents and the feeling of coziness upon leaning on their soft bodies ……….

    btw stumbled upon your blog ………… its a wonderful page i must say …….. will visit every now & then


    Fahad Syed

    • Your comment just made me read again these lines and rejuvenate the emotions, though I seldom forget her but then to carry on this cruel world we at times just miss the taste of missing. an old face at home is the blessing but unfortunately many don’t agree. May Allah Guide them.

      Thank you so much that you travelled through my blog and liked it too. It will be good to have you around here.


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