Two Friends One Soul

A feather floating over the ripples of the water,

Lonely wave carrying it through the currents of the time,

Smile peeping and the tears hiding,

Old stains left unwashed,

Sweat still vacillating,

Over the broken threads of the two lives,

Alas! A soul of the two parted in the garden,

A place where happiness was shared together.

Roses collected dried in the hands,

Though thorns still enough of wild,

To break the skin and ooze the pain,

Yet they had hoped to unite,

Break the chains of compulsion,

And imbibe,

The purity of their youthful love,

And drink the cup serving a friendship wine,

To stay hallucinated for the entire life.



P.S: This is for my best of the best friend, my sister “Andleeb

My world is too small, little joys and the more often guests as in pain, to share and in that you are the most important person ( I believe you know that, Do you?).


6 thoughts on “Two Friends One Soul

  1. You are the best one. I could understand your feelings. After mother is a friend which you can share everything with… And sometimes is heavy to explain the love to him/her…good luck Amreen! !!

  2. Zabardast… Shayaari hisaabas manz… !!! Hallucinated… Serving wine… :p seriously very well written.. Both of u ( andleeb n ammy) r lucky to have each other… Thumbs up

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