Sand dunes sparkling,

Under the crimson hue of the sunset,

Dissolving the richness of a moment,

In an ambiance of an innocence


Blooming the royalty of hope.

The mellow sound of the birds,

Rushing to the pregnant trees,

Smelling ripe fruits and

the fragrance of mature flowers.

Hosting their nest, fruits, and

young ones waiting to be fed.

The time reached,

The night hosted the farewell,

The sun slept under the quilt of dark,

The moon was skidding to align,

Along the sequence of the stars,

Adding an exquisiteness,

To the sky decorated with the jewels,

Scintillating the ripples rising from the jehlum

Forming the patterns of mirage

Over the silence of peace.

Each bit of the moment,

Added flavor to the life,

It is a blessing of the Lord,

Simply just enjoy.



7 thoughts on “Life: THE BLESSING

  1. marvelous description of the mood at Dusk……. one of those poems that make me realize what i’m missing out on life, and also make me feel so poor in front of those fortunate folks who live outside the metropolis and routinely get to witness nature’s marvel …..

    Is this any specific geographic location you’re describing in your poem Amreen? I initially thought you’re talking about a desert when you started with sand dunes …….. but i later inferred this is some place near Jhelum River in Kashmir ……… has the picture also been taken somewhere near Jhelum?

    • Thank you Fahad! It feels good to read that you like the poem. Yes we miss a lot of good things of life to nothing. Life is a treasure and we need to discover that.

      I am not talking about any specific location. Instead, I am just trying to portray the moments of life. How beautiful it is. I have chosen dusk, as many find it a hopeless time like getting near to dark, just to let the hearts believe how beautiful it is apart from their belief.
      Sparling sand dunes are describing the hope is even present when the darkness sets, Scintillating the ripples rising I have used to describe how beautiful life is even then.

      No picture is not mine. I haven’t even removed the signature, the watermark, of the photographer. The photograph is by James Warwick. Though I don’t know who is he. 😛

      • Yes, true ….. one of my friends does find the dusk hours to be quite gloomy …. he says it makes him depressed

        Rightfully, your poem epitomizes the beauty of dusk …… it just goes to show that you must’ve experienced these small charms and thrills of life in different walks of time, because obviously, one has to experience a moment before one can truly describe and write about it so beautifully ….. also it clearly seems that you spend time in nature which makes you so alive

        If you ask me, dusk reminds me of my golden childhood days, the times i used to visit my grandma’s house during the summer vacations in my school years ……. the times we children used to wait for the afternoon heat to subside before we used to burst outdoors and play in the pleasant golden rays of the sun until the last twilight when our mommies used to warn us to get indoors …… treasured memories 🙂

      • It ain’t necessary that you have experienced the same or not. I believe, an imagination should be beautiful. No?

        Being alive or living is the choice of the person. Some choose fighting and living while their are some who choose defeat and living. Options and perspective matters a lot.

        Dusk has been too promising to you also. Good!

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