The autumn on way to goodbye,

Waves back the cool breeze,

Gives me goose bumps,

Relocates me back to the mornings,

When the snow topped mountains shine again,

Welcoming the spring,

Bringing the hope of the life again.

The silhouette of the naked tree,

Calmness of the autumnal eve,

Harvesting for the winter approaching by,

And smoke forming patterns in the sky.

Reflecting the end of the life,

All this while collecting things for to survive.


~A. N


14 thoughts on “Autumn

      • “Waves back the cool breeze” Does it signify the rustling of the dead autumn leaves on the ground by the cool winds? That’s what I implied

        also clarify what does Smoke forming patterns in the sky signify?

      • โ€œWaves back the cool breezeโ€ It signifies, “the promise of the new life”. We often link autumn to remorse but then we forget it is the season which is the reason of the new life. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Smoke speaks about the end of the life. I am speaking how autumn to us feels like death of the flora. I have tried to describe the whole scenario which is linked to an end but then is the reason of the survival. Like if smoke doesn’t end up in the sky how will we enjoy warmth in the winter? If harvesting is not done, how will we have food? To meet spring we need to be and autumn adds to our being.

        Sorry, I can’t be good explainer. For me these lines are itself an explanation. I hope I made it a bit clear to you.

        In nutshell autumn ain’t hopeless but full of promise of the new life.

    • I tried to bring some hope to the autumn. People often link it to hopelessness. In fact autumn is just too beautiful.
      Autumn is pretty good in Kashmir. The chinar leaves are spread like the lining of the golden carpet.

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