Who Was Mad?

Madness! How will I define it? Frenzied I am over this term. Not because it is out of my dictionary or something like I would not have understood but this term few days back lodged me in a situation where I couldn’t answer myself, “ who is mad and what is madness?”. I kept briefing my mind that madness is a psychological disorder and a person affected is the one who is mad but then my cells didn’t accept it. Instead tried to pull me out of the bounds of the science and its definition of madness.

For a moment let me take you back to the cradle, where who you are doesn’t matter but being a reason of the cradle matters. For that one cry from theatre room, breath of a whole family is stuck. Everyone keeps on counting the seconds; each moment is no less than an eternity for a family waiting outside. Some keep tapping their feet, some are seen measuring the corridor distance, some watching the red light. Why not this kind of scene? After all it is a time to welcome the new family member.

A child if could plan his destiny wouldn’t he/she choose happiness, peace and prosperity over madness. Why one would choose to be mad? Well! It is quite acceptable that one won’t desire to turn into an abnormal being. No doubt we can design our dreams, work with them and finally establish them but none of us can go beyond what the Almighty has planned for us.

It was an autumn flavoured day, golden leaves rolling on the road with the sudden hush of cold currents of the wind. Trees were struggling to hold on the leaves which were bizarrely mashed up in green and the yellow tone. It was then while I was admiring the nature a sudden voice broke in the bus. Ya-ya-ya-ya-yaaaaaah. Some laughed, some were scared, and some were astonished to the sudden loud cry. Before anyone all could react, this middle-aged, fat, bald, round cheeky face, drooling eyed man ran up to the last seat in the bus. Sat down, stood up, sat again and then stood up again. Again a scream! All seemed frustrated. Take him down! Take him down the bus. With this the scene turned too panicky. Two boys hired the bus, started abusing him, kicking him and finally threw him off the bus. As the first kick hit I was trying to recall what exactly went wrong on be his half. Second kick; I couldn’t say a word I was insanely watching the crew that wanted him by any means get down from the bus.

The women standing by my seat,”This wasn’t a way to get him down. [Pause] No! No! This shouldn’t have been done”. This was a welcome speech but the wrong had already happened.

The bus moved, the smoke exhausted and a sign of relief on many faces. I too was okay with getting him down but not like this. He wasn’t supposedly wrong neither he was mad by choice. Madness is a mental disorder and what he did was not under his control neither he had any idea of what he was doing nor that kicking and abusing was justified.

It doesn’t take an eternity to change the present,
But it costs enough to make the beautiful future.

This wasn’t the first time I have come across such an unruly incident neither you, yes you, the one reading would have read it the first time. These things do happen and get ignored as if the right to live from such humans has been taken with the loss of their mental stability. Some sane are seen insanely irritating them, mimicking them, cursing them, abusing them, while some go to an extreme and beat them. Thus, turn them too furious.

Since we are blessed, being normal, so instead of mocking the person who has lost his/her mental ability it is better to be friendly. In case you aren’t in the mood of being good to them then please just for the sake of humanity don’t be worse too.

It needs the soul to be a human,
And being human is not easy.




9 thoughts on “Who Was Mad?

  1. “Some sane are seen insanely irritating them, mimicking them, cursing them, abusing them, while some go to an extreme and beat them.”

    And also some (like YOU!) feel bad about it and want to challenge such misbehaviour. So I haven’t lost hope on society altogether.

    Beautifully expressed. 5-star post.

  2. “The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people” – Unsure about the Source

    My respect to heroes like you who have mustered the courage to stand-up for this ignored and socially outcast section of the society. My salute also to the lady seated next to you who had the courage to give her feedback to the ignorant lot about their unruly behavior.

    As rightly said by you, yes this isn’t the first such incident I’ve come across in my life. I can easily recall one such instance that occurred during my 9th grade in school. It was the begging of our new term, and our class was joined by a boy who had flunked his grades and would be repeating his year with us. Apparently he was from a well-to-do family. He had those goofy looks and dreamy eyes as if he was heedless to perceive what was happening around him. I came to know from my classmates that he was born premature which was one of the reasons why his IQ was comparatively low and couldn’t understand things or indulge in rational conversations like the rest of us. When the class-teacher enquired the class about who would like offer the boy a side-seat and be a helping hand in his studies and homework, each one of us had that “For God’s sake, not me” look on our faces, for the fear of getting infamous amongst our peers and being faced by humiliating jests like, “Dude, is that freakin goofy-faced guy ur friend?, or “Mann, u’ve finally found someone ur match …..*hahahah*”, etc etc.

    In the absence of any positive response, the teacher took it to herself to choose where to settle him down. In the end, his place was chosen in the last row of the class next to a hapless boy who’s side seat partner was absent on that unfortunate day.

    Unable to withstand the infamy, the hapless boy soon ventured out in search of a new bench leaving his new partner on his own. The year went by and the poor boy was on and off ignored by the rest of the class. I still remember when during our last term of the year, during a farewell party, my eyes happened to spot him, wearing an elegant suit and sitting alone in the corner of the auditorium munching away his meal, while the rest of the students were having a gala time sharing their tables with their own circle of friends, talking, joking, laughing away their offered meals. He saw me staring at him and shyly returned back a helpless smile. It was at that moment that I realized his state and asked myself, doesn’t he have the right too to laugh and smile like the rest of us? Was it his fault that he wasn’t born normal? The ridicules of the society and the pains his parents have to go through in bringing him up?

    I blamed myself for not standing up for him during the year. Though I had never been bad or rude to him, like others, I too was worried about getting infamous in front of my friends. Probably at that tender age of 13 years I didn’t have the saneness to realize that its wrong to be indifferent to people for the situation they are in of which they have no control over.

    Gosh, I can relate to every article to you write. I guess we share the same sense of social paradigm.

    Cheers to you Amreen !!

    • Napoleon has said that probably…

      Thank you so much for caring enough to read the text and equally thank you for sharing the real life incident so beautifully. Sometimes immaturity of the age does superpower the ability to think right. I hope the boy by now would be fine.

      We all share same social paradigm but some do care enough to come up with the situation and try to understand it while some prefer silence.

      Atlast, I am so honoured to read such supporting and encouraging words.

      Thank you once again.

  3. My take on this would be a bit different. Being mad is no wrong, actually madness help. When you are mad, you don’t have to care for others view you just have to live your own life without interrupting others. Mad people are free people. What in your view is mad. Wait! Lets take it to the a bit macro level, who is mad in society’s view? The one who doesn’t show conformity with society’s value is labelled as mad, and in my view that is inappropriate. I i doesn’t go by your values, then i am mad in your view and just do the opposite: if you don’t go by the values of a person whom you are calling mad, then you too are mad.
    Being mad is nice because that is where the creativity and true essence of life is explored and felt.

    • Exactly! Being mad is no wrong and at the same time no one wants to be mad. Being psychologically mad which of course is a disorder and I don’t think there is anyone who will willing wish to lose senses. Or is there any? And the madness of being in one’s own world is something different. That is more related to personality than to disorder. Such madness is willing and equally nice as pointed by you. You might have tried to understand madness by taking it bit to a macro level but from my micro level analysis here madness had no second thought of acceptance or conformity but the person has already lost his good senses. He wasn’t aware of what is good and what is wrong. In such case the question of social acceptance stands dismissed even before pointing. At the same time same point stands true for you, me and the people who actually carry senses. I will surely not mind if I would be called mad by such socially ignorant people. I am mad if I can’t stand to wrongs of the society. I am a blessed mad then.

      And yes! Being mad is wonderful as long as it doesn’t take senses but once sanity is lost we lose one of the blessings.

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