The Prophecy of the Childhood.

The alluring blossom time,

Reminiscence for the mature nights.

The locale friends –

School time greetings and giggling on secret meetings.

The evening visits –

Flying kites and racing old cycle tyres.

Euphonious trilling of the rhymes,

Echoing in the streets and waking up the oldies at times.

The grannies running after,

And the children jumping in laughter.

A promise of the memorable time,

With an innocence on ride.

Playing with the virgin snowflakes,

Warming hands with the cold lakes.

Burning face in the fields,

Fighting on runs and betting on spinning blades.

Art of believing the life under shades grey,

Covering miles together making new pathways.

Those childhood games and the peerless smiles,

Forbidden stories of the ostensible modern lives.

The Prophecy of the Childhood~A.N


11 thoughts on “The Prophecy of the Childhood.

  1. You have changed your style of writing Amreen. You used to write longer verses earlier, and now you write them short.

    I find longer verses more expressive. Moreover, the longer the verse the more easier it is for the reader to understand what is poet is trying to convey and the poet’s chain of thoughts..

    Understanding the meaning of short verses can be more challenging since they are comparatively very brief and a reader needs to boggle the mind to understand their meaning. For instance, I’m still trying to digest the meaning of verses like “The Prophecy of the Childhood”, “Reminiscence for the mature nights”, “A promise of the memorable time”, “warming hands in cold lakes” etc etc written in your poem. I just can’t get their meaning….. 😦

    • Ha-ha! Seriously I haven’t changed my writing style. I write the way words come to me. Since, you have been reading me since long now so your feedback really matters as it gives me an idea what am I upto.

      I want you to boggle your head. Make it work a little more so that you could make out some meaning out of my lines. That would really be so interesting to learn what people understand from my words. I want to know that. Just do a bit of yours. 🙂

      Hope to read your meaning soon. 🙂

      • hmm …. all this while i was trying to understand the poet’s intention behind the verses …… Contrarily, you want to know what meaning i make out of these verses …….. ok, lemme try –

        Prophecy of the Childhood : A vivid childhood dream

        Reminiscence for the mature nights: The moments of life a person recalls while trying to fall asleep during the night

        A promise of the memorable time: A token of rememberance

        warming hands in cold lakes: now this is a difficult one ……. mmmm … those moments when children totally oblivious of the cold weather outside run out and play while their mums keep prompting them to wear warm clothes …..

        hope i got their meaning right 🙂

        Cheers !!

      • Everything is right 🙂 just a difference of a perspective.

        See little hard work helped you to understand. 🙂

        Really great to see that you want to actually understand my words.

        Thank you!

    • Whoa, you actually got me to figure out the meanings of the verses after all …… i guess a person just needs to come out of his/her comfort zone to discover what he/she is capable of doing ………

      yupp, i do want to understand the meanings and feelings behind your words …… i’ve tried many times to ask you directly without much success. You are an introvert and don’t like to share you feelings everybody……. the max you do is to veil your feelings with poetic verses and show them to the world

  2. Yeh Doulat b lay lo,
    yeh shohrat b lay lo,
    Bhaly cheen lo, mujh say meri jawani,
    Magar Mujh ko louta do,
    Bachpan ka sawan,

    wo kaghaz ki kashti,
    wo barish ka pani….

    what a time it was, when being sorrowful was to not see morning cartoons before school.
    what a time it was, when having a friend angry was the worst thing of a life,
    what a time it was, when chocolates were the biggest treasure of the world.
    what a time it was, when learning new things was a matter of pleasure and pride.


    what a time it is, when even having everything in life there is no satisfaction,
    what a time it is, when even close relations are not respected,
    what a time it is, when our smallest happiness of life is not available in full charm,

    they say it development,
    I call it disastrous self we are heading to . . . .

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