“Believing the Gallows!”


Taking our clocks back by a year, I remember the 8th Feb as just another ordinary day, smuggling and crossing over the thin line between the two dates, eight and nine. Too calm to hold the secrets of execution, very much strong to maintain the silence, leading to the gallows and still briefing us about nothing.Β 

Like the faithfulness of a man, it (time) too fell prey to an anxious silence, a deserted belief, destined to the beautiful morning that faked a life like an icicle meeting up the bright rays descending from the sun on an unexpected harsh winter morning.Β 

We all are destined to death, for its beauty and in hope of paradise we keep briefing ourselves about good and bad. But who knows how, where and in what situation we going to leave. Indubitably, no men stay immortal, though remembrance makes one so.

9th of February, as in today, would have never meditated enough to be remembered for an age to come, generations to move on but the tragedy made it believe the smuggling agony by the seconds that passed by. Over the will of Almighty no one’s supremacy does rule. This to him was known only difference is we would/could have never believed the cause to have been so.


“To ‘HIM’ we have to return,
Today or tomorrow, it will be our turn.”




12 thoughts on ““Believing the Gallows!”

  1. Heartfelt piece,reality of life depicted in flowery tone,based on the example of martyrdom of sons of bleeding paradise.

  2. Indeed those who died for others are forever living, Holly Qura’an is justifying that.

    Life is not the days passed, but the days on a Holly purpose.

    “Too calm to hold the secrets of execution, very much strong to maintain the silence, leading to the gallows and still briefing us about nothing.”. Masha Allah.

  3. Very well written, written to heal our hearts when it aches because this is the fondest memory we will ever hold ! We reeled into the new year with silent resolutions, prayers tht we hope are answered. May Almighty grant him eternal peace and may Jannah be his final abode aameen and may the oppressor burn In hell…

    • Really, Thankful for liking something from my side. It feels like a smoothing warm vibe of the air currents over the goose bumps raised out of coldest winter days when a person who writes is addressed and appreciated for the effort he/she have done to turn the mournful memory into a healing art of words.

      History is witness, that oppression doesn’t last and oppressor is no immortal.

      • Youre strongly welcome πŸ™‚ You can be thankful to FB which keeps popping ua stuff on my TL *Seriously*… lol
        I am followin ua blog so that I can also get some light from the candle πŸ™‚

      • So, Technically FB is promoting me πŸ˜› I should be happy. πŸ™‚

        Now this is something more than expected. You too write good enough though your font size is big problem there. πŸ™‚

  4. One more thing I wanted to add >
    Humanity is a quality, each and every man and woman should cultivate within themselves as the owners of this universe, if we do really care about surviving as a species. But for people in Kashmir, the definition of the word β€˜humanity’ is a bizarre. Allah Taala’ karinn raham aessi paeth πŸ™‚

      • There is a saying “Naiki karr dariya mai daal” – One should not concentrate on being promoted or praised or stuff like that but continue doing his/her best πŸ™‚
        As I already tol u I speak whats on ma mind *Bindaas* and sometimes ppl get hurt but Ive to be what I am (not Fake) and what I said is 100 pratishadd pouzz, so let me get enlighted πŸ˜› … Whats wrong with the font ?

        Comin on ua next question, I am connecting it to ua write up, As simple as that, when there is no humanity “Azadi” wont work πŸ˜‰ Buhh!

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