“The Divine Call”

In the heaven-
A song of welcome was sung,
The choir was loud-
A youthful face was a guest.

The fairies, the birds and the flowers,
Dancing, singing and tossing their heads,
Waiting for a blossom from paradise’s chest,
Cheerful, colourful and the sparkling eyes,
Fate of which the angel of death did declare-
Hearts skip a beat and faces turned dull,

Some crying-
“How can it be a farewell?
How can it be for an eternity?”

Some murmuring-
“It was an end of her dream, And
A step into the real world now.”

Some silent –
“Addressing the self,
Consoling the fear within.”

And all –
Trying to believe,

The Allah’s delivered truth –
“Yesterday, it was a tragedy
Today, it was a farewell
Tomorrow, it is a belief
And memory now forever.”




2 thoughts on ““The Divine Call”

  1. An awesome comeback after months of break ……..

    After reading your poem twice, I concluded that you are trying to describe the scene when a soul departs from the heavens for its earthly life …… i guess there might be difference perspectives on this ….. What was your perspective when you wrote this poem?

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