Abu! We will meet again.

In search of you

I scream volumes 

In hope –

they may travel

voids of your grave.

And surely,  

     I found you –

In eyes of my mother.

In courage and strength.

In tears and sorrow.

In smile through dry lips.

In emptiness of the night.

In eerie silence at home.

In fragrance filling your room.

In the heavy heart of mine. 


I found you. 

I do find you.


I still wait 

To see your face-

In the sunshine

Among the crowd at home

Sitting on your sofa

With right leg raised on left,

Left hand supporting face

And right holding my hand

speaking to me

“Don’t worry,

Allah will make it easy,

Everything will be fine.

I’m fine.”

I wait for your words

To come true. 

I do wait 

I will wait for an entire life.

But for now

My love, My beloved

My father.

Stay peaceful!

We are fine. 

We shall meet again

 – in the paradise. 

Promise shall be kept,

Angels will glorify,

And time will be witness. 

~Your Daughter~

P.S: Death can’t be excused, there is no escape. Loss is irreplaceable, but one favour you can do and that is, send “Surah Fatiha” to my Abu. Thank you!



O’ Daughter! This is all I can gift.

In the little pious hands,

The flower for the last cent was kept,

The voice did fall on her ears,

“Tomorrow don’t complain, you had nothing”

From your daddy dear.

Who blessed you with something precious.

For to the world you are a girl,

And to me, “The flower”

Whose scent values more of what any note could.

Each of its droplet adds strength to the values,

That will always stand glittering,

Will add content to your heart,

And respect to my teaching.

Tomorrow among the crowd when you will stand,

My stammering words you will recall,

Blessings, that time don’t forget to send,

If I wouldn’t be among the crowd,

In your heart,

Protecting you from the devil,

You will find me.