I breathe in this still air –
thousand desires.
In the silence of my soul.

They blossomed –
the temple of togetherness,
the song of remembrance,
the naked body of dreams,
the love with no boundaries.


In the hours of peace –
In a vacuum of my soul -lived- the togetherness
To my still lips -came- the laughter,
In a depth of my heart -dreamed- the spring,
To my anxious thoughts -murmured- the love.


At the last moment –
Free was the spirit,
Singing eternally,
Flickering over dreams of the spring,
Security of the body with love- the earth claimed.







The night could have wished to sniff the silence, may be good night would have been the note of the time, even eyes was struggling to coalesce the lashes in, but couldn’t rest as the earth underneath was still shaking in the tremors of the day. The wisest of thought struck the gray matter to just share the tremors of the day to someone, as the weed of concern had already made place in garden of friendship. She in a low mood without waiting for seconds to turn in, broke the walls of distance between her broda’ and her stammered voice. Lest she could have left any second to breathe but narrating her painful tale even before she could have tasted the salt of droplets rumbling through her cheek. Brother consoled her and his words packed with love embraced her so affectionately that even distance couldn’t stop warmth of a hug to whirl around the cold chest shivering in the aftermath of the day. Do you trust me? In the broken voice she asked to her broda’. Of course I do, said her bro in quite a gentle tune. She narrated the whole tale and pulled the threads of proof. Hey! Don’t behave as a teen girl just stand and fight, the rest is left to me, the words of her bro. Now listen to me, a confident brother spoke, just behave normally and talk normally, let him get calm down that’s the need of moment. She could say nothing except to nod her head upside down and made sure she will follow his advice and keep him updated. Mornings two went enough wise, she tried to hold her thoughts as fresh as the morning dew but Swords of Damocles would have been taken over from her head, which was as dreamy as an angels meet in century 21.


Before pen could have dried, the blots of blood again smelled life and woke up horrify the fine day. She was caught in the nostalgia of the broken friendship of her very old best friend, the words of her poured on the blank sheet like a blunt knife through the chest.

“Don’t ask me for friendship, O’ Dear friends

All I feel is, it has made its place in modernization trends”

Even before these words could have flown out through her mind, they got her happily settled in the lap of inferno miseries. You are such a big diplomatic person, what the hell you think are, you bitch, you are a traitor, your soft tunes ditched me, I thought you were an angel but you are the witch, blah, blah, blah, were the words that nailed her head and she was left in remorse. Still she stood with courage and asked, “What really happened?” In the hope that word could shower some mercy and will narrate the story what made him to shower woeful words. The hell wouldn’t fire such flares as the words were, the storm can’t bring the destruction as the words bought just because a simple thought travelled the mind of her. Instead of inquiring he blamed her, showered the curse as if was uttering the blessing. As if the collection of those heartless words weren’t enough that his odious voice echoed with phrases too obscene, “hey be ready now see what the hell I will do, in the past I showed you the trailer, now you watch out the whole movie, be there I will show you how I will let you witness the disgrace, watch out the show, don’t even dare to run off. She was terrified, scared, crying on her insanity why she even let him in her sweet blessed life. In the corner one, just was turning the pages of one after another strategic warning and wiping the tears of the world. “Cutting has started”, now the videos of blame will be uploaded for the world to watch you, last time the pictures were there and you were witness but now the video will be up and world will watch your ugly face, these cold words were from the same affectionate tune she wasn’t able to believe. Stop, don’t harm yourself, and do what so ever you want but don’t hurt yourself, she said. The condition was getting from bad to worst and therein she realized to call her brother. Brother, You there? Yes! Replied he, what has happened? Bayi (bro), Please stop him, he will do wrong to himself, she urged. Calm down he won’t do anything it’s your bro’s promise if he really wished to do something he would have done not waited for the sky to turn from light to dark. Just breathe free, her brother said and let me give him an answer now and you stay quiet, just as if you God forbid smelled death.

At the end he got the fruits of his deeds, he was left alone and God blessed the girl with the decision wise and a lesson for life.

I myself after hearing the story was left in deep nostalgia, was just wiping tears that were tinkling down the cold cheeks but then a thought had a birth, I realized that I learnt a lesson for life and I need to spread it. So here I ended. My only advice is, just try to conceal your anger because of it you can lose relations of a lifetime, well here it was of days and ended. But think of months or years of relations which people lose just because they ain’t able to control over their anger and spit out the words which pierce the skin as if the venom of snake running through the veins and leave the blood poisonous so do the relation do away. So my advice is to kill the “Anger” before it murders the “Relation”. One most important thing, If you don’t understand what real friendship is then please don’t even pollute this pious relation with evil deeds.

“Friendship pure is the cup of delight 

Tasted by the people who stand true and fight for right.”



In the clouds traveled a day

Where sun couldn’t turn lucky to spread hopeful ray

Day was blessed of melodious tunes around

Somewhere jokes and somewhere warm affectionate sounds

No eye could have thought of the nightmare

That day had already planned out of its clam care

No ear would have ever been to decibel so hard

The one that was embossed in the silenced heart

The sand of graves took to the houses around

Leaving them bare-headed smashed to ground

To the hazy sky as I looked on

A terror of time upcoming, that’s all it roar off

Tried I just to peep out of ma’ window pane

Dust slapped me and I lost way to ma’ own lane

Struggling is the life on trees narrating gloomy tale

Their crops are empty since the time storm stroked this vale

Everything just seems to be whirled around the word wrong

This scourge would if remembered life long

Fighting to the storm,

Striking hammer, through these blows too grievous

Building the walls strong of swivet and fearfulness

Mother’s clutching their children around the womb’s warm

Boosting their morale to fight against uninvited storm.

 Trying to fix their broken dreams with thy affectionate voice

Giving them strength to stand even if death would be sharing dice

Plead for forgiveness is the only sound 

That could fortune us out off this calamity

That has gripped to our necks around.

O’ Allah the mighty we plead for pardon

We are the creatures your own created garden

Shower Your mercy

 And return the Kashmir to its own clemency